Growing Up in Ohio and Early Career:

Dr. Leah Edwards, an Ohio Native, received her veterinary degree from St. George University in 2008 and finished her clinical year at Oregon State University in Corvallis, Oregon. She stayed in Oregon, working in an equine and small animal practice before moving to the East Coast. During her time in Tennessee, Virginia, and North Carolina, she gained valuable experience to diverse and challenging veterinary cases.

Pacific Northwest Calling:

Dr. Edwards’s husband’s work in the fruit industry led them to relocate to Wenatchee Valley. Joining the Cascade Veterinary Clinics team in 2017 marked a pivotal move, bringing her closer to her roots, family, and the picturesque mountains of the Pacific Northwest.

Passion for Emergency Medicine:

Dr. Edwards’s love for all aspects of veterinary medicine is evident, with a particular passion for emergency medicine. Excelling in the fast-paced, unpredictable, and often challenging case presenting to the emergency department team. She has become a trusted expert in handling a wide variety of critical cases

Professional Development:

Dr. Edwards has pursued extensive continuing education, acquiring specialized expertise in abdominal ultrasound and cardiac imaging. Additionally, she is certified in Veterinary Acupuncture, offering an alternative therapy for pain management.

Long-Term Vision for the Valley:

Beyond her current endeavors, Dr. Edwards harbors a significant long-term goal for the Wenatchee Valley. She aspires to bring 24-hour veterinary care to the community, recognizing the importance of continuous and immediate support for beloved pets in times of need.

Pacific Northwest Lifestyle:

When she’s not at the clinic, Dr. Edwards fully immerses herself in the Pacific Northwest way of life. Passionate about Olympic weightlifting, she stays active and loves outdoor pursuits like skiing and mountain biking. Her three Chesapeake Bay retrievers are always excited to tag along on their outdoor escapades.

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Dr. Edwards is not just a veterinarian; she is a visionary leader dedicated to shaping the future of veterinary care in the Wenatchee Valley. Her journey, marked by diverse experiences and a commitment to community wellness, reflects her genuine care for both animals and their families.

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