Connor Murray poses for a photo after giving a dog an exam on Thursday, Feb. 8, 2024, at Cascade Veterinary Clinics in Leavenworth Washington / Drew Jaeger)

Meet Dr. Murray, a top 2022 graduate of #WSUVetMed. Murray brings passion, expertise, and a deep connection to our growing community.

Growing Up in WA:

Raised in Bothell, Murray’s Washington roots run deep. Tracing back to his childhood, when he and his family would spend much of their summers in Leavenworth diving headfirst into the nature that engulfed the area. This became the foundation for a lifelong connection to nature.

Undergrad and Sport Enthusiast:

In 2017, Connor graduated from Gonzaga University, and his love for the institution extends beyond academics. As a student rower and an ardent Gonzaga basketball fan, he carries the spirit of camaraderie and dedication with him into his veterinary career.

Passion for Diverse Veterinary Cases:

Driven by a diverse veterinary case, Dr. Murray has cultivated a keen interest in emergency and general medicine. His commitment to continuous learning and tackling challenging cases positions him as one of our most dedicated and resourceful veterinarians.

Outdoor Family Man:

Beyond the clinic, Murray finds joy in outdoor pursuits, often accompanied by his wife and two beloved Labrador Retrievers. Whether hiking, biking, floating the river in summer, or skiing in winter, he embraces the natural beauty surrounding him.

Community Building:

When questioned about his future endeavors, Dr. Murray expressed a strong commitment to the area, stating, “I’d like to stay around here and perfect my skills in general medicine.” In addition to honing his professional skills, Dr. Murray aspires to create long meaningful relationships with clients, upholding the cherished values of building a close-knit community.

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Murray’s journey is a tapestry woven with outdoor adventures, academic achievements, and a profound commitment to community and veterinary excellence. As he continues making his mark on the community, we are so grateful for his expertise and genuine passion for both animals and the people who care for them.

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